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Choose When is Making a Difference...

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Great coverage of our launch in the Steamboat Today on April 9, 2017.
Together we are making Choose When a reality!


Free LARC's*
are available through the
Choose When Project

*Long-Acting Reversible Contraception

Choose When Helps pay for contraceptives

If you want the most effective form of birth control but can’t afford it, Choose When can help. Choose When is a community funded project that is helping women get IUDs and hormonal implants at low or no cost. IUDs and implants are long-acting, reversible and safe. For more information, call Northwest Colorado Health at 970-879-1632 or Planned Parenthood at 970-879-2212

— Free, long-acting, reversible birth control is now available for low-income Steamboat Springs women, thanks to the efforts of the newly formed Choose When group.

Organizer Kathleen Wasserman said the group is picking up the costs for women to receive long-acting, reversible contraception, including intrauterine devices, or IUDs, and hormonal implants through partnerships with Planned Parenthood and Northwest Colorado

The devices became available from each of the providers April 1.

 “This has been such a wonderful, positive experience, and the community has been so receptive,” said Wasserman, who is part of a group of women who set out in late 2016 to create Choose When.

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