Why Donate?

Talk to the local health care providers who work with low-income women and you’ll hear about the poverty that is both a cause and a consequence of unplanned pregnancy. These women and their children struggle and many experience hunger, homelessness, and depression. Here in Colorado, two-thirds of these families require public assistance.

Low-income women who can’t afford reliable birth control are five times more likely than other women to have an unplanned pregnancy. This is a social, economic and humanitarian tragedy. And the thing is, we can fix it.

Choose When is our local answer. Choose When delivers long-acting, maintenance-free birth control to women who can’t afford it and we use existing community health service providers to do it. Northwest Colorado Health (formerly the Visiting Nurse Association), Planned Parenthood, and Yampa Valley Medical Center/Yampa Care for Women are all partnering in the Choose When effort. Because they see the tragedy day in and day out, they are ready, willing, and eminently able to help.

To solve the problem, all it takes is money. Because our partners are well established in the community and eager to take on this effort, we are adding no new layers of administration or bureaucracy. Every dollar you donate goes directly to pay for long-acting birth control for women who need it.

The opportunity is ours. Let’s solve this problem. Donate today.

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