Steering Committee

Suki Kaplan – As Washington policies started to shift making it harder for women to have access to birth control, I started talking to other women in the community to see what we could do to help. In researching the need, it became apparent that having an unintended pregnancy was a huge setback for a woman’s path to success. We wanted the most reliable forms of birth control (IUD or implant) to be available to any woman who could not afford it. That inspiration became Choose When.

Patti Asbury – I joined the Choose When Steering Committee because I have always been an advocate for a variety of women’s issues. Beginning in the 1960s, the “pill” became available for women/girls, which then began to give us empowerment over our reproductive decisions. By being part of promoting Choose When, I am able to help young women continue in their educational and vocational choices without the fear of having an unwanted or untimely pregnancy.

Peggy Kamins – Every city in this world needs a Choose When now more than ever and I am honored to be involved with it. Statistics show giving women access to affordable contraception saves taxpayers money, gives women the chance to pursue their dreams, and significantly reduces abortion rates. Doesn’t it make sense for women (and men) to plan when it’s right for them to have children?

Michelle Osterman – I’m all about CHOICE…Choosing …at all times but particularly WHEN impacts the quality of one’s life. I firmly believe in the Power of Women’s Choice in their world when it allows them to invest in their education and career, and thus plan responsibly for their future. I am humbled to be part of an organization that supports this concept and assists, women, to have access to effective and affordable Long-Acting Reversible Contraception.

Barbara Bronner – I am proud to be on the board of Choose When as we help women, regardless of ability to pay, prevent unintended pregnancies so that, ultimately, no one need make the agonizing decision to have an abortion.

Joanie Shubin – A women’s right to choose how and when she gets pregnant is an essential human right and I don’t think you can call the U.S. a democracy unless women have that right. There is study after study that shows that as women thrive families thrive, as families thrive business thrives, and as businesses thrive democracy thrives. This is essential to healthy communities and a healthy country.

Susi Rowe – There is no more important issue for young women than family planning. It makes for fulfilled mothers, happier children, stable families, and thriving communities. Hats off to Belle Sawhill, Senior Fellow at the Brooking Institution, for her pioneering work and inspiration in this very important field!

Audrey Mandell – I feel so strongly that unwanted pregnancies often mean emotional and financial hardship for women with little or no means.  That’s why I am working with the thoughtful, committed women of CW to raise money so that our Colorado neighbors can access the most effective, no-cost birth control!